About Our Hearing Center

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Audiologists Hearing Center was formed out of a true appreciation for serving the needs of the hearing impaired population. We are located in the Twin Cities metro area to conveniently serve both downtown and suburban communities. Having served thousands of satisfied patients since 1986, our audiologists have over 60 years of combined experience. We have created a special environment with hours and services that put your needs first. We offer state-of-the-art, comprehensive diagnostic testing facilities and a complete line of hearing aid products ranging from entry-level to the most advanced 100% digital hearing aids. We are proud to offer hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers. Whether you need a hearing aid that helps you hear high or low frequencies, or one that helps manage background noise, we will identify and recommend the most appropriate hearing aid in order to maximize your hearing benefit. It is our goal to make the hearing aid fitting process as comfortable and convenient as possible. We take pride in bringing you that service.

Our office is located in the France Place Building in Edina.

Audiologist Hearing Center is a firm of caring and competent hearing professionals. We work with our patients to identify their hearing needs, develop goals for hearing rehabilitation, and find ways to achieve those goals through the use of hearing instrument technology and quality, individualized care.